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About us  

Through 30 years of experience with bus trips, event logistics, city tours and all sorts of coordinations, we are the ideal partner for your bus trip or bus hire for event in Germany.
Our friendly and competent staff will look after you from the initial contact till after your event, bus trip, transfer or shuttle bus.
During your event we are available by phone 24 hours a day.

You can give us a call: +49 40 611 921 90 or send us an e-mail:
Our Team: 
  • Ingo Gebert

    Managing Director and Proprieter
    He has been as a tour guide or coordinator on-site in nearly all of Europe as well as developing, coordinating and implementing event logistics of all sizes.
    He speaks German, English and a little French.
  • Olga Gebert

    Managing Director
    She has completed her studies and an apprenticeship in Tourism and Events. She has seen Europe through her own travels as well as being on-site for events and rallys.
    She speaks German, Russian and English.
  • Marcus Gebert

    He has more than 20 years of experience as a tour guide and he is a key support person on-site during coordinations and events.
    He speaks German and English.
  • Christian Kretschmer

    His experience through sporting events and as a travel coordinator abroad, makes him a great support for our team.
    He speaks German and English.